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[APD] Head cheese and needle valves

>>The cClippard is pretty good. You can find ti for a little
>>as about $15 but more often for abut $18-$20.
>The Clippards I have seen are minimalist and not suitable for sonic 
>operation (which is the main value of a needle valve).

So I _need_ sonic operation now to use gas CO2 systems? Is it desirable?
Does head cheese look tasty?

I've used Clippards for close to a decade, more than most folks, I have not
found _any_ issues with them.
You can get a tad more control if you spend more $ but you simply do not
need it. I've got plenty of experience with these and with 3 types of
gases(N2, O2, CO2).
No issues. 

Tom Barr

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