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Re: [APD] Thermometers

--- R S Ahl <rsahl at dimensional_com> wrote:
> >Geat advice, Rachel.
> >I like to use an electronic digital thermometer because
> I
> >can get a quick reading right at the mouth of the python
> >and they are harder to break than mercury filled-glass
> bulb
> >thermometers.

> Here is was I used in photography class.
> http://www.thephotoctr.com/pictures2.php?idnum=1070
> I ended up using George Booth  method. Tetra temp stuck
> to the faucet.

Nice device. More compolicated than what I us. Mine is just
your basic metal probe electronic theermometer and I put it
in the water stream for a few seconds.  The faucet
thermometer works fine unless you want to check the temp
while filling. Then a hand held saves steps. Otherwise,
it's an inexpensive and elegant solution.

I found that, if you run high temp water through the faucet
(such as all hot and no cold), the little tetra thermos
tended to whack out an not read properly. So it was a once
a month or semi-monthly replacement.

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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