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Re: [APD] RE: Cyanophyta/BGA

I heard this interpreted recently as 10 ppm Nitorgen, which
would be even more!

Scott H.
--- Jim Seidman <js5 at seidman_net> wrote:
> Tom Barr wrote, in the context of treating BGA:
> >>Adding KNO3 to about 10ppm, doing large water changes
> weekly prevent it
> >>from ocurring.
> I hope I'm not being dense here, but do you really mean
> dosing to 10 ppm of
> KNO3, or do you mean adding enough KNO3 so that there's
> 10 ppm of nitrate?
> The latter would require roughly 60% more KNO3 than the
> former, so I just
> want to make sure I understand what you meant.

S. Hieber

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