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>Geat advice, Rachel.

>I like to use an electronic digital thermometer because I
>can get a quick reading right at the mouth of the python
>and they are harder to break than mercury filled-glass bulb

>Possible problems that whack the temperature after you get
>it just right:

>If your hot water heater runs out of hot water. "Why didn't
>you tell me you just took one of your marathon showers?"

>As the hot water heats up the faucet, the valve may swell
>and constrict the flow of hot water or someone fiddles
>with the knobs "Hey, did one of you guys touch the faucet?
>I had it set just right."

>Someobdy flushes.  "Hey, nobody goes until I'm finished
>with the fish." "Ruhhh ite, dad, that'll work."

>All of these probs may tend to be worse in the cold season
>when the cold water is colder and you are flowing more hot
>water. Also when my daughters are in the house.

>Scott H.

>--- Rachel Sandage <rachelsor at hotmail_com> wrote:
>> I was told that it's important to run the water in the
>> morning to flush the 
>> pipes before you use tapwater, because things can leach
>> in if it's been 
>> sitting a long time. That said, I use a hose from my sink
>> to the tank for 
>> the 29 and 75 gallon tanks, and have never had any
>> problems. I use cheapo 
>> dechlor (no chloramine here) and put it straight into the
>> tank before I 
>> start refilling - somewhere between 1x and 3x the
>> recommended dose. I should 
>> also point out that there's a pretty major difference in
>> chemistry between 
>> my tank and tap - tap is GH=KH=1, ph 7.6 out of the
>> faucet; tank is GH=KH=5, 
>> pH =6.8.
>> The only caution I have is that some faucets drift in
>> temperature - the one 
>> I use to fill the 75 drifts pretty radically, and I did
>> kill most of my 
>> cardinal tetras once when I didn't notice how cold the
>> water had gotten. Now 
>> I use a thermometer and my skin-o-meter to keep an eye on
>> it, and haven't 
>> had any problems.
>> -rs

Here is was I used in photography class.


I ended up using George Booth  method. Tetra temp stuck to the faucet.


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