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[APD] needle valve needed?

I recently set up a pressurized CO2 system on my planted tank.  I bought a cheap needle valve and have found it is pretty much only usefull as an on off valve.  While I am looking for a good needle valve I have come up with an alternate approach.  I have simple adjusted the flow rate from the output pressure adjustment on the regulator itself (I have a standard 2 guage welding regulator with a screw that adjust the output pressure).  I have been able to set it at 10 bubbles/min and it has been stable for 2 days now.  Is this approach ok or am I setting myself up for a dump?  If I do replace my cheap needle valve what should I set the regulator output pressure to?  Common sence would direct me to set it as low as possible.  I have been wrong more than once before though.  Your advise and suggestions are much appreciated.  Also, links to places that sell needle valves would be nice.

John Thompson
jdt70 at earthlink_net
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