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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 4, Issue 59

Those considering big tank plans: think about having natural diffused light fro sky lights, green house sections etc added to the the placement.

This will save a lot of $ for the lights and the electric bills.

Then it's just CO2 and a pump to drive the water. 

But with a tank this big, heck, just make a water fall, a river /stream like shape, a dozen or so smaller "pool" tanks all connecting it instead. If you want this size, you have the $ and can be very creative. 

I have seen a number of larger tanks in folk's homes. These can be like a pond in a way, with one or two viewing sides and a rock/wood/emergent plant background. The shallow 2-2.5 ft depth is easy to deal with it's on a low pedestal.

3-6 ft range is very tough to work on. Snokeling is required.

But a nice wide, longer but shallower tank is more ideal for lighting purposes. This can look very dramatic(think public aquarium type displays that you walk along that are open on top).

A tank 30" H x 36" deep, x 12-30ft long is a neat tank. A U shaped wrap around the bed would be pretty neat, or following along one side of the house with skylights and emergent plants everywhere.

I would rather have that, than the big block type tank shown here. But I'm not the customer either:)

Well,  the other half has agreed to my plan. So hopefully someday I'll get some big ugly tank also:) I will plant plants that grow slow in there too!  


Tom Barr 









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