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RE: [APD] Re: A large tank

I'll bet the water changes aren't done with buckets.

Do they really allow 1.5" slabs under local bldg. codes?

Scott H.
--- AZ Burns <aerburns at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I work at an Architecture and Engineering Firm and talked
> to a guy I know in 
> out Structural department extensively about getting my 75
> and whether it 
> would be a problem in my house.  We discussed slab on
> grade, and he said 
> that the slab in my 1902 house was probably 1.5" thick
> and that it would be 
> a bad idea to put a 75 on it.
> Based on that, I would think that a tank the size of the
> one in the picture 
> there would need more than a standard 4" slab on grade. 
> I would want a 
> footing underneath the slab under the whole tank
> personally.

S. Hieber

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