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Re: [APD] Pruning the big tank

I didn't ask how does he prune. It was the guy before me.

I don't know why they brought the wood from the Amazon,
that's just what I read.

I belive this was a contract job and the size and space was
given -- Amano and his team did the rest.

Hard space to aquafy.

Scott H.
--- Thomas Barr <tcbiii at yahoo_com> wrote:
> "How does he prune?"
> Scott,
> The tank does not get pruned. At this depth and size, you
> choose plants that do not grow to large, and at 1.5x 4
> meters, the tank is not short on room.
> Anubias, Crypts, Java fern, Bolbitus etc, a few floating
> plants(easy to prune these. Noty much on pruning for
> these.
> Also, while there are MH's, and there 's ambient
> sunlight, I'd still say the tank would appear to be
> relatively low light, the MH's are a long way from the
> tank.
> I would have relied more on natural light for this tank
> and not had it surrounded by cold concrete, but rather
> intermixed with a green house, to the point where water
> and terrestial lines are blurred. 
> But it ain't my nickel:)
> Someone metnioned the wood came from Brazil? Why? The
> plants are not from there generally. 
> We have wood like right here, about 10 miles down the
> road or 1 hr drive if you want a train load.
> Maybe they snatched all the driftwood up in Japan?:-)

S. Hieber

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