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[APD] Pruning the big tank

"How does he prune?"


The tank does not get pruned. At this depth and size, you choose plants that do not grow to large, and at 1.5x 4 meters, the tank is not short on room.

Anubias, Crypts, Java fern, Bolbitus etc, a few floating plants(easy to prune these. Noty much on pruning for these.

Also, while there are MH's, and there 's ambient sunlight, I'd still say the tank would appear to be relatively low light, the MH's are a long way from the tank.

I would have relied more on natural light for this tank and not had it surrounded by cold concrete, but rather intermixed with a green house, to the point where water and terrestial lines are blurred. 

But it ain't my nickel:)

Someone metnioned the wood came from Brazil? Why? The plants are not from there generally. 

We have wood like right here, about 10 miles down the road or 1 hr drive if you want a train load.

Maybe they snatched all the driftwood up in Japan?:-)


Tom Barr




Tom Barr 

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