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[APD] Re: CO2 Needle Valve -- or - Growing knowledge and growingplants

oes the dechlorinator go straight into the tank? Do you have to mix it into a less strong solution first, or is it really irrelavent (for the goldfish I look after, I use Tetra Aquasafe (The most expensive way to dechlorinate your water known to mankind - Contains no sodium thiosulphate!)

It's probably best to mix the change water with the dechlor before it goes into the tank, but for my larger tanks I have for years put the dechlor directly into the tank without problems. I put the whole dose for the water I'm adding in one spot where the fish aren't present, and then add the water in that same spot. I've been using Jungle's Instochlor but will probably switch to Seachem's Prime soon since it's cheaper per unit volume and is well regarded.


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