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Re: [APD] Co2 resistant hosing sources

If you use regular airline tubing, the softer
ozone-resistant stuff, or the much more expensive "special"
CO2 tubing, I dont think you'll find much diff in your CO2
consumption rates. If anyone has measurments to the
contrary, please share. 

I don't think you'll find the 1/8 tubing at a welding shop
but you kind find it at a number of on-line fish equipment
supply houses.

The softer silicone tubing is rather easily available at
on-line stores, such as BigAlsonline.com.

Types of CO2 tubing can be had (usually for roughly a buck
a foot) at lots of places. Just Google "CO2 resistant
tubing" and shop around.

Scott H.
--- NstyN8 at aol_com wrote:
> What is the name of the material using for Co2 resistant
> hosing?
> Is 1/8" tubing available at most welding supply stores?
> If I can get all the 
> goodies at 1 or 2 local places i'll be a happy camper.

S. Hieber

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