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[APD] Hohoho

> >Some day I'm going to have to write a book:)
>> Regards, 
>> Tom Barr  

>Cool! That would definately be on my Christmas wishlist!

>Clint Brearley
>Melbourne, Australia

Careful, don't use the C word. My great great uncle St Plant Nick owns the
rights to Xmas. Anyone not enjoying themselves and that acts like a scrooge
will get lumps of black coal algae all over their face and have vivid and
painful nightmares of the ghost of Algae Past. If that doesn't happen we
will sue and harass you till it does. 
Look what happened to the Grinch, he's green now. That'll teach him.  

First comes the Alage of Xmas past(A large hooded Anubias plant w/BBA all
over it)
Second come the algae of Xmas present(You pick your algae of the moment)
Finally comes the Alage of Xmas future(An antibiotic resistant BGA that can
live without light longer than plants, that also infects hobbyist).

Be good to your plants and give them a water change and nice mega dose
before hand as their present from you.

Good old Plant Nick knows if you've bad or good to your plants. 

Hummm , maybe I will put some myths in the book, no book is complete
without them.

Tom Barr

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