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[APD] Re: pH monitor...

Rex Grigg wrote:

>    I'm in the market for a pH monitor.  I seem to recall people having 
> problems with the PinPoint.  Are there still problems with this unit?  I 
> want something a bit more accurate than +-.2, are there other units on the 
> market?

Rex, I have a Milwaukee TS-SM101 pH meter that I've been happy with.  
It's resolution is 0.01 pH and accuracy is +/-0.01.  This particular 
model has manual temp and calibration controls.  They also have an 
automatic model (TS-SM102) that is accurate to +/-0.02 and probably 
easier to use, but it's more expensive.  You can see both models 


I don't keep mine in a tank continuously, so I'm not sure if it'll 
handle that.  I'm sure Spectrapure could tell you.

I have a couple of friends that use the PinPoint.  No problems that I 
know of.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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