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[APD] RE: Barr's levels

Folks may want to realize something.
The levels of uptake are different than levels of recommended dosing.
These levels are based off of an optimal very high light tank. E.g. Maximum
uptake rates.
Uptake should be assumed to be less if you have 2-3w/gal etc.
The notion is that you do not want anything to run out. I add in a bit of
error to make sure folks add more rather than less.
It also works for all tanks, even those with high light. 
The water changes are the thing that save folks from things building up
over time.

So you may not need as much when using a more $$$ product.

But when PO4, NO3 etc is 0.16 cents $ per 1/4 tespoon dose, my chemicals
tend to last a long time and are easy on the wallet:)

22$ got me a 50lb sack of KH2PO4 and 22$ got me a 50lb sack of KNO3, 22$
got my a 50lb sack of K2SO4.
I'd think that would last long enough?:)  
Tom Barr

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