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[APD] Re: Optimum nutrient levels

Greg Fiske wrote:

> The Phosphate seemed off.  I think we are looking for .18 ppm for PO4, not
> 1.8 ppm PO4.  This is what I use in my 18 Gallon,

If that is working for you, keep on truckin'! :)  But Tom's method 
calls for more...the idea is to *unlimit* the nutrients.  My tanks 
(mostly PC equipped in the 2.5-3W/gal range) that I've monitored 
uptake in will eat 0.18ppm PO4 in a matter of hours so long as 
everything else is ok.

When keeping the nutrients rich, the key to keeping things operating 
smoothly is CO2.  It must be kept in the 20-30ppm range throughout 
the *entire* photoperiod.  This is where it pays to drop some $$$ for 
good testing equipment, IMO.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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