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[APD] Re: Optimium nutrient levels

Bill <Billionzz at aol_com> wrote:

> Thanks for taking the time to convert from dry to liquid.
> But now I have a question because this sounds like a lot of P to be added in 
> a weeks time.
> >>>So, to equal Tom's dosage, you need to add about:
> 11ml Flourish N
> 29ml Flourish P
> 32ml Flourish K<<<
> I have a 120g tank and I buy P in 500 ml bottles. Lets say I have 100g of 
> water in my tank and the recommendation is to add 29 ml of P for every 20g of 
> water 3 times a week. That would be 435ml every week, is this right?

I'm sorry for the confusion.  Don't use the example I show as the 
amount to add...I was only trying to show how to convert.  Use Tom's 
recommended level in ppm (~2-3ppm PO4 per week in this case) and 
convert that for your tank.

Ok, let's say you have 100 gallons of actual volume to feed.  You 
want to add 3ppm PO4 per week.  So, if you dose 3x a week, you want 
to dose 1ppm each time.

	1ppm PO4 = 0.8*100*1 = 80ml Flourish P

You will have to add 240ml each week.  That's a bit better than 
435ml, no? :)

Also, when we talk about dosing, we tend to talk in terms of tank 
volume, but we're really talking about the whole system, including 
the filter/sump.  It doesn't really make much difference on a smaller 
tank with a 2 liter canister or something, but if it's something like 
a 125gal tank with a 55gal sump, the extra volume can make a real 
difference.  Keep that in mind when your figuring out how much to 
dose...it's as important as the difference between nominal and actual 
tank volumes that I mentioned in my earlier post.

> I am not questioning anyone here because I really respect everyone's opinion 
> I just want to make sure I have this right. If I do I can see it's time to 
> change to powder instead of liquid. That would be $8 a week just for P.

I think dry, bulk weight chems are the only way to go if you have a 
large tank or several tanks to feed.  It would cost me a small 
fortune every year to use the Flourish macro ferts.  I do think they 
are excellent products, though.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee

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