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Re: [APD] Barr Question: Dry Trace Mix vs. Liquid

Matt Jarsky was accused of saying...
> (This is the Chelated Trace Mix from Homegrown Hydroponics, part of ther
> "Nutrient Six Pack.")
> I have noticed that Tom's dosing recommendations are always based on the
> use of a liquid trace mix.
> How much water should I mix with my powder to get a liquid trace mix of
> the concentration Tom uses in his dose recommendations?

I have the same mix, and found the following helpful:

"If the concentration of Fe in the trace element. mix is 7 percent, then one
gram of trace element powder added to 50 gallons of water is simply (0.07) x
(5.3) = 0.37 ppm."

I'm still going over it myself... time to haul out the ol' chemistry texts.
Glenn Attwood
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