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Re: [APD] co2 complete kit commentary

On Monday 15 December 2003 8:13 am, wandy wrote:
> I am terribly sorry but I did not give the complete link of the equipment
> for comment.  Here it is:
> http://www.floridadriftwood.com/product.asp?3=55
> It is the unit as described but with some additions.  It comes with tubing
> and a diffuser and seemingly everything needed to get going except gas.  I
> think s.heiber had posted a link to customaquatic which has a less complete
> system but much less money.  I know for certan that I would be able to find
> the cannister in NYC but not sure about prices yet.  I am very eager to get
> started but also trying to do it in a very planned way as well.
> I ordered the kasselman book (translated) to help with my progress and
> trying to follow the chemistry discussions going on here but that was not
> my strong subject in grade school. (I'm the artist in the family)

I just picked up a very similar setup at a local fish store (Exotic Aquatics, 
Boulder) here in Colorado.  The setup they put together comes with the JBJ 
regulator.  These units look very similar in that they conatain regulator, 
needle valve, check vavle, solinoid valve and bubble counter all in the same 

The system came with a 5lbs bottle, powerhead defuser and some tubing as well.  
They use a 101 powerhead to defuse the C02 into the water column.   This has 
worked very well for my little 29 gallon aquarium so far.  I am injecting 1 
bubble every 2 seconds into the tank and overnight I have gotten the c02 up 
to 18ppm at that rate.  

Since I am cheap, I am looking to increase the efficiency of the powerhead by 
sending the output of that into the wide section of a gravel vac with a few 
bio-balls and an algea sponge to get 100% C02 defussion into the water.  As 
it stands I watch a fair portion of my C02 bubbles rise to the surface and 
out into the atmosphere.

This setup with the 5lbs cylendar cost me the same as that setup and I did not 
have to pay shipping.


> Thanks again,
> Wandy
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