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Re: [APD] pH monitor....

I only know of one problem, Cavan's, and that's with the
controller, although one would expect the same circuit in
each for measuring pH levels.  Are there other problems?

In the price range there is the Milwaukee, but without the
purported accuracy of the Pinpoint.

Mine has worked like a charm for a couple of years or so.
One must be careful abut where one buys the probes. They
have a lifespan and the clock starts ticking as soon as
they are assembled -- idle time of the shelf doesn't
increase lifespan for this kind of probe, regardless of

There's a number of pocket types around (momentary use) but
the price diffs don't seem to me that great if one is
looking for the same kind of accuracy.

If you start looking at lab equipment, you can find some
very acurate stuff but the prices will knock you socks off.

Scott H.

--- Rex Grigg <rex at dsl-only_net> wrote:
>    I'm in the market for a pH monitor.  I seem to recall
> people having 
> problems with the PinPoint.  Are there still problems
> with this unit?  I 
> want something a bit more accurate than +-.2, are there
> other units on the 
> market?

S. Hieber

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