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Re: [APD]Optimum nutrient levels

The Phosphate seemed off.  I think we are looking for .18 ppm for PO4, not
1.8 ppm PO4.  This is what I use in my 18 Gallon,

"To target a specific phosphate increase, dose according to the following
formula: 0.8vp=m, where v= volume of tank in gallons*, p=desired phosphate
increase and m=volume of product to use in mL. For example to raise 17.5
gallons* to 0.35 mg/L phosphate you would use: 0.8*17.5*0.35=4.9 mL"

As for the other nutrient levels, going DIY is much more cost efficient,
especially with K.  And remember that this schedule is for a high light
tank, so for a 20 gallon, 90 watts. 



"Phosphate (PO4) 0.2ppm to 0.5ppm Add K2PO4 or fish food or sometimes in the
tap water already."

-----Original Message----
200mg KH2PO4 yields about 1.8ppm PO4 (the K here isn't enough to 
bother with).

For Flourish P:

	0.8*20*1.8 = 28.8ml

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