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[APD] Re: Teardowns?

I'm just wondering why/when people think it's necessary to teardown a tank? I've had my tank setup for nearly two years with a laterite substrate. The _only_ reason I could think to do this would be to replace the substrate if it ever lost it's 'charge' so-to-speak. I could also understand a 'teardown' of sorts meaning just to uproot everything and rearrange it in a new way...


Sometimes teardowns are necessary after long periods of neglect or an outbreak of a disease. I've had substrates clog in my own tanks (back when I used UGFs) and had to tear down and clean the gravel. I don't think anyone has ever 'worn out' laterite, and certainly not Flourite. What I've been doing now is to just push in a few of the Seachem Flourish tabs maybe twice a year or so which seems to work pretty well for me. I don't use UGFs any more and haven't had problems with the substrate clogging since I stopped using those.

I've known people to tear their tanks down when they want to do a *major* change in the setup too, but that doesn't seem to happen very often.


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