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[APD] RE: Converting

Thanks Chuck H, 
I really did not want to convert SeaChem stuff to the dry weight stuff :-)

I just know what works volume wise for the plants. 
But if you look, this adds PER week about 30-40ppm of K , 2-3ppm of PO4, 30
ppm of NO3. 

You can figure out how much Ca and Mg, Mo, I, Fe etc you would expect to be
removed via plant uptake.

I think plants actually onl;y take up perhaps .045 ppm of Fe a week.
So  ost of what we add, something else happens to it. 

And this also shows it's going to be very tough to ever hope to limit a
tank through Fe limitation.
If the plants only need 0.045ppm a week, what do think the algae then need?

Much less. 

Tom Barr

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