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[APD] RE: Optimum nutrient levels

>>>What would be the proper dose using Flourish Nitrogen, Flourish Potassium, 
Flourish Phosphorus ?


Hi Tom,

 I have the same question. I really don't know the how to convert between the 
powders and liquid.

 Would you happen to know approx. how much of the Seachem liquids to use in 
your 20 gal. example? 

 If you can't do it because of time constraints I understand, I just thought 
that you may already have this information.

 I use the following Seachem products.

2.Flourish Iron
3.Flourish Nitrogen
4.Flourish Phosphorus
5.Flourish Potassium

 I also add Dupla drops daily, do you think I need to add these drops or is 
adding the Seachem nutrients every couple of days good enough?

Thanks for your time and help,
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