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[APD] RE: Optimum nutrient levels

S. Hieber wrote:
> Your large changes are done via continuous gradual changes?
> I don't think gradual water replacement is the same as
>single large replacements.  When you ad water back into the
>aquarium, the old water in the aquarium mixes with the new
>water and the water you remove next is part old and part
>new. ten changes of 5% of the water doesn't remove as much
>old water and one 50% change.

Uhmm, I'm not sure if I my english skills are so rusty that I sometimes say
something totally not understandable. But I do change about 50% _once_ a
week, closer to 70% if I forget to check the water level from time to time.
And I usually tend to overfill the tanks because using hose straight from
the tap is too easy and again I forget to check the water level.
Self-inflicted floods are always near in my household (yes, I am a woman).
We have clean tapwater here in Finland and I don't have to prepare the water
before putting it to the aquarium. So one large water change per week isn't
as stressing as it sounds.

>Just curious, but you do not find it a drawback from the
>aesthetic effect of the aquarium that you have bucket
>hanging from the ceiling in this room?

It was stripped for the photosession. It is usually well hidden behind some
plastic plants and is almost non-visible. :)

-Satu Jäske

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