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[APD] RE: Optimum nutrient levels

>Sample routine:

>For a 20 gal tank with high light/CO2:

>Prune/trim remove algae etc FIRST.
>Clean filter if needed
>50% water change

>Add the following back:

>1/4 teaspoon of KNO3
>1/4 teaspoon of K2SO4
>2 rice grain's worth, or around 200mgs of KH2PO4
>5 mls of Trace( Tropica master grow, SeaChem Flourish etc)

>Repeat this except for the K2SO4 every 2-3  days.

>You also can mega dose right before the water change day.
>You add 2-3x the amount of KNO3 and KH2PO4 24-12 hrs before you do a water
>The water changes removes the excess and the plants get very well fed.

>Just make sure your CO2 is 20-30ppm. 

>Tom Barr

What would be the proper dose using Flourish Nitrogen, Flourish Potassium, Flourish Phosphorus ?


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