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[APD] RE: RE: Optimum nutrient levels

Thank you Tom for the advice :)

I forgot to tell some of the important things, like the water changes... I
change 50-70% once in a week. I add PMDD continuously with the thingy they
use in hospitals. The thin hose is connected to the bottom of a bucket (its
about 5 liters) that hangs from the ceiling. So, I add few liters of water
and the weeks dosage to the bucket and then I adjust the frequency of the
drops and I don't have to worry about it for a week. Here is a picture of

I think it is a good way to avoid excess of nutrients in the water column.
But still I need to add PMDD after the water change, of course.

Thomas Barr wrote:
> http://www.aquatic-plants.org/ under "articles"
> www.sfbaaps.com under "references"


> 2-3 x a week dosing will do it for most CO2 plant
> tanks. Higher light? =>
> increase the frequency of dosing.
> Less light => decrease the dosing.

Higher light -> more problems, more oxygen bubbles ;)

With the 1W/litre I got my Cardamine lyrata to grow strange leaves. They had
two small "pre-leaves" and after them was the actual leaf. I didn't have a
camera then, so I just had to draw what I saw (I could have dried the leaves
between books or something, but didn't think of it then).

BTW, for example Diana Walstad talks about soil. Does it mean the soil you
use to pot ordinary house plants? Or something totally different?

-Satu Jäske

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