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Re: [APD] Re: odd Pinpoint controller

--- Cavan <millsman7 at yahoo_com> wrote:
> "0.2 units doesn't seem that far off for a kit, to me.
> But that's another story, perhaps."
> I'm not quite sure what you mean there.  Do you mean
> that kits are always off a bit?  

Then and the human eyes that read them.

> This is the Lamotte
> low range kit.  In the past, I've checked my monitor
> and contoller against it and it has been accurate. 

Consistent is not the same as accurate. MY watch
consistently reads seconds but it's allway about 4-10
seconds ahead of the atomic clock in Colorado. But yes,
LaMotte is an excellent kit.

> And it's a whole lot easier to read than other kits.  
> When I check my tank, it _looks_ like there isn't
> enough co2.  . . . 
> I took the controller out today and will try going
> just by the kit for a while.  
> I tried cleaning the bulb and that didn't make a
> difference. . .
rule that out. 

> I will still have to figure out how to
> stop bubbles from collecting around it should I decide
> to put it back in.  

You can't put it *somewhere* that bubbles are rising up
into it? If not, sounds like yo have enough CO2 to me ;-)

> The controller will do that whether the lights are on
> or off.  There is a heater now, but there wasn't when
> the trouble started.  The only other equipment in the
> tank is the filter inlet and outlet.  

Chalk off emi fro other equipment.
> The controller is only about 2 months old, so it is
> still under warranty (I think that's two years).  
You done all the reasonable stuff a consumer can be
expected to do. I would send it to the manufacturer under
warranty with a descript of the problem. It's not well
behaved, maybe than can teach it some discipline. But they
will probably just send a replacement. 

They aren't all like this; my pinoint has been a perfect
little angel.

Good luck, 
Scott H.

S. Hieber

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