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[APD] Re: odd Pinpoint controller

"0.2 units doesn't seem that far off for a kit, to me.
But that's another story, perhaps."

I'm not quite sure what you mean there.  Do you mean
that kits are always off a bit?  This is the Lamotte
low range kit.  In the past, I've checked my monitor
and contoller against it and it has been accurate. 
And it's a whole lot easier to read than other kits.  

When I check my tank, it _looks_ like there isn't
enough co2.  I even found two little pieces of BBA. 
The last time I saw any of that was when I had
inadequate DIY co2.  

I took the controller out today and will try going
just by the kit for a while.  

I tried cleaning the bulb and that didn't make a
difference.  I will still have to figure out how to
stop bubbles from collecting around it should I decide
to put it back in.  

The controller will do that whether the lights are on
or off.  There is a heater now, but there wasn't when
the trouble started.  The only other equipment in the
tank is the filter inlet and outlet.  

The controller is only about 2 months old, so it is
still under warranty (I think that's two years).  

Thanks, Cavan

If you wnat to find out if electrical interference is
problem, temporarily shut everything down and see if
Pinpoint then behaves properly. If not, then you've
eliminated one possible cause.

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