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[APD] Optimal nutrient levels?

I am sorry to bother you all with this question. I know that there must be
thousands of identical questions, but I didn't find anything exact enough
when I was searching the archive.

I use fluorescent tubes (usually 0,7-1W/litre), PMDD, Tetra Crypto tablets,
DIY CO2, substrate is 0,1-0,6mm sand and there is thin layer of mixed clay
and peat beneath it. 2 KH, 3 GH, 6,5 pH, 10ppm NO³.

I know that most people here don't use fine sand as a substrate, but I
wouldn't use anything else anymore, it works. Here is some pictures to prove
it :)

But back to my question.

I don't use water tests much because I have developed the sixth sense ;) Or
well, it is easy to know if everything is ok in the tanks, the plants and
fish will tell. But now I am getting Sera's aqua test box as a Christmas
present (pH, GH, KH, NO², NO³, NH³, PO4, Fe and Cu) and it looks like that I
am going to get more worries. The more you know, the more you will worry.
My LFS has all the other tests and it doesn't cost anything to test my water

Now I am searching for the "right" nutrient levels. I know it is like
searching the Holy Grail, but there must be studies of the optimal
conditions for aquatic plants. You can find the basic things from the
internet, for example: NO3 3-5ppm, Fe 0.1ppm. But what about the rest?
Does anyone know any good sites?

I know that it is hard to do anything even if I know the perfect mylybdenium
level and I would be able to measure it. But I could still choose the best
source of Mo.

This is starting to sound more and more ridicilous with every line I write,
but well, someone has to ask the stupid questions too :)

-Satu Jäske

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