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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 Reactor Quiz -- Scoring and Answers

Unforturnately, I don't remember all that well the pic of
this reactor without the bioballs blocking the internal

For scoring on your Quiz answers see below:

--- Andrew McLeod <thefish at theabyssalplain_freeserve.co.uk>
> > Quiz:
> >

> > Can you follow the CO2 from start to end?
> > Is there a start and and end?
> >
> Here are my answers:
> > Are all the critical components visible in this pic?
> No, there is probably a central tube in the main reactor
> running down the 
> centre of the bioball.

Excellent guess -- however, since it is considered by the
judges to be obviously implied by the question, they grant
on 5 points

> > Can you follow the water flow from start to end?

> No, as it is not obvious which of the two large tubes the
> water flows into 
> and out of, and it is also not obvious whether water flow
> is down the 
> central pipe and up past the bioballs or vice versa.

"No" is the correct answer -- one can't tell beans about
the waterflow from this pic.  However, extraneous info
following the "No" detracts from your score ==> 
 10 points - 5 pts ==> 5 points

> Yes, the CO2 enters at the top of the bubble counter at
> the left and then 
> down the central pipe and up, through the small airline
> section into the 
> main reactor, presumably at the top.

Sorry. "No" is the correct answer. Although you followed
the firss part of the path through what must be the world's
unnecessarily longest bubble counter, who knows what goes
on inside the reactor -- the pic doesn't show.

> > Can you follow the CO2 from start to end?

Interesting you provided two answers to one question. Not
quite kosher, but let's see how you did with each. 

> "All things that have a beginning... have an end"

Tell that to the infitinely-expanding-big-bang theorists.
Besides, one of the judges is a Neo-Euchlidian and was
downright put out by this answer.

0 points

> Since the CO2 must presumably enter at the top, I would
> be inclined to 
> believe that the water pipe connected immediately below
> it is the input, 
> and that these enter together, either at the reactor top,
> so that water 
> flows down through the bio-balls, or at the top of the
> central tube so 
> that the CO2 and water mix and flow down the central tube
> and up past the 
> bio-balls and out. But then again, it could be done
> differently.

Actually, it looks like you tried to slip in a third answer
there at the end that would cover all bases. But the 2nd
answer was considered almost as complicated as the device
so the judges awarded 2 points for showing a lot of
something they call Farfellnugen). 

Btw, the correct answer was "E - None of the above" -- It's
the right answer at least once in every quiz!

> Those connectors look like Hoze-Lock connectors, if you
> have them in the 
> US?

Now we have an answer to a question that wasn't even in the
quiz. Bonus points = 0 (remember, there *was no* Bonus

One can't tell much from this pic.  Possibly a tube runs
down the center through the dock and and all the way to the
deep blue sea.

Come to think of it, this is a darn lousy pic upon which to
base a purchasing decision.

> I would quite happily accept a free 2000 litre tank and
> reactor, if 
> someone was to offer it, but I don't think I could quite
> afford it 
> otherwise.

At today's exchange rates for Euros into US Dollars, you
need only $196.01 plus shipping to get one of these
incomparable beauties in your house -- Or, if you had
scored just one more point in the quiz, the whole thing
would have been on me.

But don't be discouraged -- try again next month when we
take a quizzical look at the world's most overengineered 
aquarium substrate - or what Uncle Albert used to call
"Dieser verfluchte dumme Schichtkuchen." 

Scott H.

S. Hieber

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