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[APD] Re: Nostoc

> You knowingly put it in there?:-)

I try out any plants I find in water in my tanks. The balls of nostoc are
interesting. They are quite common here in temporary rainwater (vernal)
pools in garigue habitat. I thought they were docile looking balls :) but I
should have tried it in one of the smaller tanks first.

> BLACKOUT routine?
> Same routine.
> Might take a little longer with Nostoc.

I think it might work - it does not grow in the shaded areas. Just have'nt
built up the courage yet to leave the effected tank without lights for 5
days, and although its persistent, good plant growth limits its growth
significantly. Its just hanging on at the moment but I'm pretty sure it will
outbreak again given the chance.

> We find it here growing anywhere there's some lime applied, it likes hard
> alkaline soils.

All soils in Malta are alkaline. The country is basically one block of
layered limestone! Then it needs alot of calcium? Maybe that might be a good
way of controlling it?

> Yes, lots of greenish jelly all over on sandy oligotrophic soils.

Its colour varies from greenish to brownish. Not attractive, sometimes
repulsive, but definitely interesting - in the wild that is. It grows in
pools and on wet soils. Balls in the water, jelly on wet land. Does'nt stand
competition since it does not appear in heavily vegetated pools.

> Is it like hard rubber green balls on the plant leaves?

Brown jelly mounds in the tank.

> It's rare but I have seen onje case but it was not Nostoc, it was a green
> algae.
> Unless you are certain, it may not be Nostoc from what you have said so
What I added was nostoc. The original ball dissolved soon after I put it in.
What I have in the tank looks and feels like it but attached to the leaves.
Diatoms are looser and not filament shaped under the microscipe, right?

Ottos/SAEs won't touch it. Ramshorns eat away only at its edges which isn't
much of a help.

Will a blackout eradicate the algae or just reduce the numbers? What about
spores? Are antibiotics better in this regard? But I'm scared afraid for the
filter bacteria anyway.

Thanks and regards

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