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[APD] Digital Camera for Sale

Hi Everyone,

I just bought a new computer system and I got a free Gateway Digital Camera.
I already have a digital camera, so I am offering this for sale. It is model
DC-T20. 2 megapixels, LCD screen, built in flash, USB port, 2x/3x/4x digital
zoom, f2.8 lens. Includes software for loading the pics onto your computer.
A basic digi, but quite adequate for taking/sending plant shots and pics up
to 4" x 6" print size.

Unopened brand new in box.

Info at www.gateway.com and follow the digital camera link. Sells for $99. I
want $75 including shipping. My first Digi was 2 megapixels and it worked
great for sending pics of plants, etc., over the net.


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