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[APD] RE: Nostoc

> I've got a problem with Nostoc comune. I know its Nostoc because I had put
> it in myself! I thought the brown balls it forms in nature were sort of
> interesting and tried out one in my main display tank. Stupid! Just like a
> Trojan horse, it dissolved and brown jelly like growth soon appeared here
> and there on the slow growing plants. none of the algae eaters appreciates
> the stuff. Growth is minimal when the plants are happy. I've managed with
> other algae (diatoms,green,hair,stag,BBA etc) but I just can't eradicate
> this one completely. Any suggestions?
> regards
> Stephan
> Malta

You knowingly put it in there?:-)

BLACKOUT routine?
Same routine.
Might take a little longer with Nostoc.

We find it here growing anywhere there's some lime applied, it likes hard
alkaline soils.
Yes, lots of greenish jelly all over on sandy oligotrophic soils.

Is it like hard rubber green balls on the plant leaves? 

It's rare but I have seen onje case but it was not Nostoc, it was a green
Unless you are certain, it may not be Nostoc from what you have said so far.

Tom Barr  

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