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Re: [APD] CO2 reactor and Bio Balls -- or - Getting between a rockand an air space

You're basically jsut looking for something that will allow
the water to flow through easily while not jsut jetting
stright down the center and pushing CO2 bubbles along with
it -- you want the bubbles to stay in the reactor and be

You you could use a few aquarium safe lova lava rocks or
those plastic scrub pads that you can get in the
supermarket (but they must be clean and free of soaps,
detergents, etc.) A few toy plastic soldiers would probably
work -- I know someone that put those in his wet/dry

You probably *don't* want to fill the reactor with stones
that pack densely like ehfisubstrat, that may tend to clog
or impede the water after a while -- biofilm will form
inthe reactor just like anywhere else in the aquarium water
system -- No, the "acidic" water in the reactor will not
kill of biocultures.

You want inert and you want bulky with lots of space around

Scott H.
--- rockel <rockel at attglobal_net> wrote:
. . .is there 
> anything that can be used instead of bio balls in a CO2
> reactor. 

S. Hieber

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