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[APD] Re: CO2 Reactor Questions -- or - I'm Leaning towards onedesign -- pic link fix

I goofed when I sent the message below. The link gets you
to the shop, a German retail fish store, but not the pic.

For anyone that wants to take the quiz, this link will get
you the pic:


Have fun,
Scott H.

--Scott Hieber wrote: --------------------------

Speaking of pics not doing justice to the complexity of a
reactor design, every now and then I like to look up this
pic. There's a certain comfort in seeing how far around the
block some folks will take a chicken just to get it across
the road.



Are all the critical components visible in this pic?
Can you follow the water flow from start to end?
Can you follow the CO2 from start to end?
Is there a start and and end?

S. Hieber

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