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[APD] Re: Cyanophyta

Another trait of Cyanobacteria including Oscillatoria, that is of significance in the battle to get rid of the stuff is the fact that Oscillatoria produces a variety of toxins that inhibit or discourage invertebrate grazers. I have seen on numerous occasions, that when the lights are removed from a tank badly infested with Oscillatoria, after a few days, the stuff becomes edible and the ramshorn snails start feasting, growing and laying eggs. However, the snails leave well lit Oscillatoria strictly alone. I have a tank now that has been taken over by Oscillatoria, and I have noticed that when the BGA forms a thick clump at the surface, the snails cluster underneath the clump and eat away. It is my guess that the BGA at the bottom is so poorly lit that it can no longer produce its protective toxins. When the clump is gone, the snails disperse, leaving a bunch of egg clusters near where the clump was. They leave the thinner, well-lit stuff strictly alone.
Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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