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[APD] Re: Re: CO2 reactor questions -- or - Some Disassembly

>>Thanks, Jon, that clears up a the second and third items
about the Milwaukee Instruments CO2 regulator assembly.

Although now I'm wondering why a company rep can't read the
print on the product. ;-)<<

That doesn't really mean anything. Electronic parts are sourced out from all
over the world. The solenoid itself may consist of parts from different
countries of the world. He told you it came from Belgium, (close enough to
Germany!). Maybe it was assmebled in China, or maybe some of the parts came
from China, who knows, who cares! Who did you talk to at Milwaukee, Bryan?
I am not surprised he would not know more than what he told you. Sometimes
engineers do not even know where the parts come from. I worked in the
computer industry long enough to know that.

Robert Paul Hudson

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