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[APD] Re: CO2 reactor questions

Rick Wrote:

I have used the intake of my Fluval 404 for about a year now with no
difficulty at all. A bit of purging every now and again, more so if I have
not cleaned the media for awhile however I service my filter once a month so
it's not a problem for me. I keep my 77g tank between 6.6 - 6.8 (lights
on/off) with a bubble rate of less than one a second. Couldn't really ask
for much more.



I'm glad to hear that you can use Fluval MSFs for this now, even with a bit of burping required. I bought one of the very first 404 MSFs when they came to market a few years ago and it airlocked at the first opportunity with any CO2 going into the system. Hagen makes running changes to this lineup all the time, so perhaps they have dealt with this issue. I wish all canisters could be used. 


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