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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 4, Issue 38

Tom said:
> For our tanks, it appears as a result of high DOC with very low NO3.
>  The genus that infest our tanks is Oscillitoria andf it is a filamentous
> non heterocyst forming species, therefore it does not fix atmospheric
> nitrogen, since heterocycst are require in this genus at least, to fix N2.
> I have looked at about 15 smaples from all over the world, every sample
> this same genus.
> One sample had some Phorimidium(pretty nasty tank issue).

I've got a problem with Nostoc comune. I know its Nostoc because I had put
it in myself! I thought the brown balls it forms in nature were sort of
interesting and tried out one in my main display tank. Stupid! Just like a
Trojan horse, it dissolved and brown jelly like growth soon appeared here
and there on the slow growing plants. none of the algae eaters appreciates
the stuff. Growth is minimal when the plants are happy. I've managed with
other algae (diatoms,green,hair,stag,BBA etc) but I just can't eradicate
this one completely. Any suggestions?


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