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Re: [APD] Re:CO2 Reactor Questions

Good tips, Eric.

I'll add one comment:

The PVC is soft enough and the thread size small enough
that tapping threads might not be worthwhile. You might
still have to epoxy. Seen that happen.

And that reminds me of a third method, which is to glue a
piece of rigid airline tubing through an appropriately
sized hole in the reactor. The rigid tubing is just the
right size for flexible airline tubing to fit over it

Scott H.

--- Eric Wahlig <ewahlig at earthlink_net> wrote:
>. . .If I need to make a connection using a fitting, as
> would be necessary
> when using an external reactor, then I'll drill and tap a
> 10-32 hole in the
> PVC to accept the 1/16" barb fitting (#11752-2) or glue
> in a 1/16" plastic
> hose barb fitting. 

S. Hieber

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