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Re: [APD] Re: CO2 Reactor Questions

Some gas might collect whether on the intake or output side
of the pump/canister filter.  When there's gas, there's
splash. I don't hear it with mine because the Wet/dry
drowns it out ;-)

But it's a faint sound anyway.

Scott H.
--- Clint Brearley <clint_brearley at telstra_com> wrote:
> > Do you  need the airline connector or can you still
> have the CO2 
> > go into 
> > the intake of the canister in the tank? By having the
> airline on 
> > the 
> > reactor are you just taking a tube out of the tank for
> appearances 
> > or is 
> > there another purpose for the location on the reactor.
> > Thanks for your comments.
> > Dale
> Yep, if it's on the intake, you don't need the airline
> connector, just feed it into the intake as before, that's
> what I do with mine. Of course if you put it on the
> output side, then the airline connector becomes a
> necessity.
> One thing I've noticed with my reactor on the input side
> is late in the day when the water is saturated with
> oxygen, oxygen comes out of solution inside the reactor
> (due to lower pressure and/or turbulence?) and it makes a
> water trickling kind of noise (kinda hard to explain).
> It's not too bad, but I just wonder if putting it on the
> output would reduce this effect (due to slightly higher
> pressure = higher gas solubility)?? Does anyone else
> running their reactors on the input or output notice this
> "running water" sound?

S. Hieber

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