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Re: [APD] CO2 reactor Questions - Clarification

Yes you can. In that situation you are putting the reactor
on the intake line of the filter if I read you correctly.
If there's any gas collection (there's usually some) it
will be at the top of the reactor instead of being in the
canister and burped out into the aquarium as bubbles. That
shoul dmean that you get more complete absorbtion and avoid
the chance of a filter lock up that some folks seem to get
when feeding into a canister without using a reactor.

Hope that answer is clearer too,
Scott H.
--- rockel <rockel at attglobal_net> wrote:
> Poorly stated I admit, what I meant to say as follows...
> "Do you need the airline connector or can you still have
> the CO2 go into 
> the intake of the canister in the aquarium? By having the
> airline on the 
> reactor are you just taking a tube (I meant the airline
> from the CO2 
> bottle) out of the tank for appearances or is there
> another purpose for 
> the location on the reactor".
> Can you take the CO2 line directly from the DIY bottle
> and put it into 
> the intake of the canister in the aquarium so that the
> gas goes up the 
> intake tube, through the reactor and then into the
> canister instead of 
> directly into the reactor and then into the canister.
> I hope that make more sense.

S. Hieber

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