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[APD] Re:CO2 equipment

>>If you just want cheap, there is one out there for about $80 for regulator
and needle valve.  But it has a non-removable solenoid built in, so you
need 110v to run it.   And it has a couple of safety and legal issues.<<

Well, there are two actually. Milwaukee instruements, who has been making
reliable testing equipment for years, and JBJ Lighting.
Both include a solenoid, needle valve, check valve and a bubble counter. The
solenoid on both is removeable. Would be kinda silly if it wasn't. The
solenoids are made in Germany, from what I understand the same one Dupla
uses. The JBJ solenoid is see thru and has a red light inside that comes on
so you can see if it is working. Both Milwaukee and JBJ, (Transworld
Aquatic) are American companies.

The main difference between these two regulators is the JBJ unit has a fixed
working pressure, the Milwaukee does not. The Milwaukee gauges show both bar
and PSI readings. The JBJ needle valve is a little tight,  but personaly I
prefer the fixed working pressure. It feels safer to me. You cant blow out
the regulator.

The bubble counter on both these units is great. Its made of copper and
glass and screws into the regulator. Its real easy to fill it with water and
screw it on. Its also real easy to see. I think its the best new innovation
of any of these regulators.

I have no idea what you would be reffering to  as safety and legal issues.
What I do know is that the days of big aquarium manufactures in Europe
making regulators that are way over priced is now history. Both JBJ and
Milwaukee who are fairly large companies, and respected, have come out with
very reasonably priced regulators that are easy to install and reliable and
made specificaly for the aquarium. Even if you do not want to use the
solenoid, it is still a better deal. Kinda hard to beat that.

Robert Paul Hudson
Nano cube with exclusive 6500 kelvin

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