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RE: [APD] CO2 Reactor Questions -- or - Scratching the surface of theproblem

I didn't think he meant that, but you're right. Surface
turbulence can knock an awful lot of CO2 out of the water.

If the bar is above the ater surface or below it and
pushing the water up and causing turbulence, you can at
halve your CO2 use by pointing teh spray bar downward and
keeping it below the water surface.

Scott H.

--- Jason Reck <bigdaddysparky at earthlink_net> wrote:
> Wouldn't it be easier to just put your spray bar below
> the surface of
> the water?  Even if you get a reactor and leave the spray
> bar above the
> water surface, you will still be losing C02 thanks to the
> surface
> agitation.
> Maybe I misunderstood your problem though.

S. Hieber

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