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[APD] CO2 Reactor Questions

I am running DIY CO2 through the intake on my Ehiem 2215 canister on my 35 gal. tank. I am losing a lot of CO2 through the spray bar and would like to build a reactor. Through the archives I found this site http://www.aquaticscape.com /articles/co2reactor.htm showing the construction of a reactor.
Some questions.
Can the reactor be used with DIY CO2?
I assume by "inline", you cut out a piece of the plastic tubing approx. the length of the reactor between the intake and the canister and install the reactor where the piece was cut out?
Do you need the airline connector or can you still have the CO2 go into the intake of the canister in the tank? By having the airline on the reactor are you just taking a tube out of the tank for appearances or is there another purpose for the location on the reactor.
Thanks for your comments.

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