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[APD] RE: Dosing macro nutrients

>I have been out of the planted tank arena for quite sometime...In my first
>post here 3 weeks ago I stated back in 1995, and at that time good
>reflectors were not very well made at all!  I had an ICE CAP system with NO
>reflectors, the 2x 95VHO bulbs were attached DIRECTLY to my canopy hood. My
>first VERY small batch of Glosso do NOT grow at all in my 24" high tank. 
>that time 195w = NO growth of Glosso.

That was not the problem, that's plenty of light to grow the plant.

FYI, I have grow it fine at 1.5 wpg but the distance was 18" deep, still,
add gravel to your tank's 24" etc.then it's not so deep.

> That was the ONLY thing different up
>to now, a GOOD reflector.  Kinda funny how we live and learn over time.  At
>the onset of me getting my tank back into the swing of things, I knew way
>back when 195w did NOT cut the mustard for the Glosso's, so I decided to
>make sure I doubled the light and bring up the Co2 for the Glosso.  Ass I
>said earlier, WOW, today's reflectors DO penetrate 24" of water!!  I wish I
>had a LUX meter then and now!

I think it has more to do with the CO2 and other things you might be doing
today, tank's age, acculumation of nutrients etc.

<It'll always come back, it'll laugh at you.

It sure DID laugh at me, funny how after only 3 hours after a 75% water
change it came back! :)....I now am using less light and yes the "weed" as
you call it is spectacular!! I caught the bloom VERY early on, and the UV,
PLUS a massive water change cured the outbreak in a day and a half. I'm now
back to clear water and dosing as normal AND watching VERY closely.

Well with the UV it really doesn't matter anymore.

<So remember it doesn't take long to grow 4" of Gloss, but I don't like 4"
of Gloss.
I like no more than about 1/2" tight, healthy carpet. IOnlyu enough to
cover the gravel,. not piled up on itself.>

>Well, I guess that is a matter of preference Tom. I think over the years
>with ALL the different landscapes I have tried, this is the MOST beautiful
>yet.  I wish I could post some pics somewhere so folks can see this.  The
>thick glosso is now almost covering 3/4 of the tank leading up to a huge
>wonderful foothills of a piece of 20" high driftwood that really looks like
>Mt. Everest. I call this aquascape "The Climb."  Kinda cool seeing all
>shrimp climbing to the top of the mountain! :D"

Well you'll think different a few years from now.
With lots of light it's high maintenance and can look ratty fast if you do
not keep up on things.
Yes, it's fun to grow something you had trouble with in the past.


<It's not practical for us, just have some fish and feed them(this will be
your source of NH4), dose your KNO3 etc(This is your source of NO3).>

Tom, is there REALLY a one in all KNO3 type fert out there? 

You can mix a certain ratio together etc if you want dry and mix well. 
I'd rather add certain things when I want a tailor things to each person's
tank better.

For example:
I'll recommend less KNO3 and more K2SO4 if someone has a higher fish load
This allows more flexibilty for everyone.

> I still have 4
>bottles of Dupla 24 on-hand and readily have available any Dupla products I
>need.  I also have Kent Freshwater Plant that list the ingredients as;

Sure, use them.

>Will this do or will I need more or less of ONE particular component? What
>product do you recommend??

No, you need macro nutrients also. KNO3, KH2PO4 and K2SO4 
See www.litemanu.com
Cost a few bucks, last many years. 
Makes the plants grow much better if you have not used these before. 

>  Also, maybe I should ask George (he is very
>familiar with the Dupla line) what is in Dupla 24 daily drops?  Is anyone
>still using the Dupla 24 daily drops any more here in America since they do
>not have an importer any longer?

They cost a lot and I do not think it helps adding it daily vs every 2-3
days, you gain nothing from this as far as plpant health or growth rates.
Most folks use SeaChem or Kent or Plantex dry mix trace, just add water and
that will last a lifetime for about 30-40$ for 5lbs of dry mix. 
I had a few folks use it that I work on their tanks, I never noticed any
differences between most trace/iron additions, I did like :

SeaChem Flourish and Iron
Tropica Master Grow

Sera is not cheap either.

But it does not cost to add these nutrients and if your CO2 is good, it
will light the tank up like CO2. 
Do not underestimate the difference adding macros will bring to your tank.

It's easy to add, cost a few buck a year, yields great results.
Taste great on chicken. Cures agressive behavior:) 

Tom Barr

>Take care,
>Vic Di Cosola

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