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[APD] Re: KH/GH George booth

Having read this old post:
which reminds us that "GH (General Hardness) is the amount of calcium and magnesium" and also talks about raising GH by adding CaCO3 (which also raises GH), I am left wondering how much Mg I should add per degree GH.

I am currently raising GH from 1 to 5 by using Seachem's Equilibrium, which adds both Ca and MG, but also adds a large amount of K. I am struggling with some algae issues (CO2 levels are fine to high, thanks) and some distorted growth on certain plants, and I would like to try raising GH using CaCO3 (I know this will raise KH as well, but I am currently adding baking soda as it is) but need to know how much Mg to add, and in what form. I currently add 4.5t of baking soda and 2T of Equilibrium per water change in my 72 gallon tank.


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