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Re: [APD] Re: Backflow into CO2 systems

How much time does it give you? Does it stop the water
altogether or jsut slow it down? 

Using several coils of tubing higher than water level is
supposed to help establish an "airlock" to prevent
siphoning in airlines. I never tested that but I suppose it
works. In a CO2 tube I might expect coils to be less
successfull -- CO2 diffusing into the water and through the
tubing could present enough of a pressure drop or even a
vacuum to suck water past the loops.

Consider, for example, this post by Kevin Buckley from
earlier in the year and the thread leading up to it:


Basically, tubing several feet long was filled with CO2 and
clamped one end while the other was in a jar of water.  The
tubing slowly but nearly filled with water.  I'm wonder
whether coils would have given an diff outcome for this
experiment of Kevin's?

Scott H.
--- Dan Dixon <dandixon at mac_com> wrote:

> I don't use check valves either, but I have a coil of
> tubing between the
> tank and bubble counter. It gives me a little extra time
> to notice when the
> CO2 runs out.

S. Hieber

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