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[APD] [Redacted]

Scott Heiber, in reply to a question from Candy Moonwolf wrote:

"Btw, Kwek Leong maintains a web page about killi fish, with
lots of info and some very good photos here:


The forums page ( <http://www.killies.com/forum/>http://www.killies.com/forum/ ) has a
planted tank forum ;-)"

Thanks for the compliments, Scott. I cut my teeth on the APD and although I'm not very active in this mailing list, I have the utmost respect for it and its culture. I try to model my forum at www.killies.com after the APD because I think it's one of the best mailing lists around. [Redacted]

[Redacted] I don't have much Christmas Moss anymore but I've got a new Moss that looks even more beautiful. I call it Erect Moss because unlike the Christmas which hangs down, this new Moss grows straight up. I wish I could do with the Erect what I did with the Christmas but I can't offer the new Moss to everyone because I don't have enough of it. [Redacted]

If you like to see how the various mosses, including Erect Moss looks like, go to:


Loh K L

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