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Re: [APD] Christmas moss/ almond leaves

That offer was from quite some time ago and I don't think
Kwek Leong had many leaves to give away. But you can find
out about the case and the defense fund here:


and you can go directly to the doantions page here:


The web pages night not be entirely up to date yet; I
haven't checked. But remember folks, just because parts of
the cases have finally been dismissed doesn't mean that the
defendants' related legal costs have been covered.

Btw, Kwek Leong maintains a web page about killi fish, with
lots of info and some very good photos here:


The forums page (  http://www.killies.com/forum/  ) has a
planted tank forum ;-)

Scott H.

--- Candy Moonwolf <cry_little_sister at hotmail_com> wrote:
> I have only been reading this list for a couple months, I
> seem to have 
> missed the x-mas moss/ almond leaves offer in exchange
> for donations to the 
> defense fund. I tried to email Loh directly at the email
> address on this 
> list but it keeps bouncing. I would love to have both of
> these if the offer 
> is still open. I will also need a link on where to go to
> make the donation.

S. Hieber

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